In 1843 the first church was built of hewn pine logs by the missionary Baptists. The church was named Myrtle Springs because of the beautiful myrtle growing near the first church. One of the first pioneer preachers of 1843 was Brother Pickett, the father of Colonel C. B. Pickett who represented Wise County in the Legislature several times.

The next minister was Elder Lewis Ward Davis. Later his son, Jeff Davis served as Governor of Arkansas. The third pastor of the pioneer preachers was Daddy Daniel Buckner, father of Robert Buckner, founder of Buckner's Orphans' Home.
In 1893 Mrs. Colie E. Moore, granddaughter of Warren Hooks for whom Hooks was named, gave one square acre of land to build a new church at the present site. The building was approximately 30 x 60 feet and built of wood. The only heat was a wood stove located on the east side near the front.

The lights were lanterns and later on Coleman lamps. Electricity was not available until about 1935. Later in 1935 a west wing was added to the church housing several Sunday School rooms. In 1938 a wooden parsonage was built on the same site. The ladies of the Women's Missionary Union raised the money to build the parsonage.

In 1947 the old building was torn down and some of the lumber that was saved was used to build the building that later burned. This building had six class rooms, an auditorium, and a baptistery. In 1951 two dressing rooms and three classrooms were added upstairs. This building was dedicated on August 31, 1952. On May 9, 1953, ten acres were purchased for a cemetery and extra land.

In 1956 a west wing was built and attached to the new auditorium including two nurseries, a kitchen, a Beginner and Primary Department that opened up for a fellowship hall, a Youth Assembly room, and two classrooms. Two classrooms and one large assembly room were built upstairs.

Air conditioning was installed in 1959. On November 24, 1965, the church decided to sell the old parsonage and to build a new parsonage. In 1969 the church remodeled the auditorium and add air conditioning, paneled walls, carpeting, and pews.

In 1973 a fellowship hall was added. Six months later, on November 1, 1973, the church building burned to the ground. The new church building was dedicated on December 8, 1974. In 1976 the men of the church built the gymnasium which is still in use today.

In 1983 rooms were added to the north side of the building including the nursery, offices, classrooms, and a prayer room and library. In 1991 the church remodeled the gymnasium. A 20 x 50 kitchen was built onto the gymnasium in 1998, and the same year the auditorium was expanded.

In 2006, a Children's Building was built by members of the church. The pastor's office was moved to make way for other staff offices. In August of 2007, the west side of the property was cleared and construction of the new sanctuary started in October of 2007. The new sanctuary was dedicated in January of 2008. About six months later, the remodel of the old sanctuary into Sunday School space was complete.


In March of 2011, the old fellowship hall was converted into the 10:31 Student Ministry Building housing our students, 7th – 12th grade. In January of 2013, the west parking lot was expanded to accommodate the growth. Only God knows what the future holds for Myrtle Springs but make no mistake, He has an amazing future for our church. Come join us and be a part of the future of Myrtle Springs Baptist Church in Hooks, TX